Professional investing on Crude Oil and Related Products

Bretcrown Trading International Ltd is a Fintech and Leading Analytical Company Based in the United Kingdom. Bretcrown Trading International Ltd Provides Successful strategies On Crude Oil and other Commodities.

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Offering You Over 90% Success Rate

Our team of experienced crude oil experts is ready to offer trading at a level that will benefit all shareholders, stakeholders, and employees.

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Applying Powerful Computing Technologies

Since its establishment, Bretcrown Trading International Ltd has been using latest technologies and trading tools to competitively and successfully trade with great returns on investment, whether the markets are rising or falling!

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Trusted Team

Our team of certified and highly experienced professionals operating within our specialised trading strategies guarantees a high success rate.

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Decades of Experience

We have been best at what we do for over 30 years. We have the skills to give exceptional returns.

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Innovation Leading Results

We take into account all technical indicators such as the Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci numbers, and lines, and others and take positions when we believe it is time to do so.

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Our Secrets to Success

Get our ebook for secret tips on how Neil G Van Luven transformed $38,673 into $1,129,030 in 14 weeks by Spread-betting Crude Oil!

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Our Products & Services

Since our foundation, we have been the best company in our field.


A Day-Trader is a Speculator in Securities, explicitly buying and selling Financial Instruments within the same trading day, such that Positions are Closed before the Market closes for the same Trading day. This enables avoiding unmanageable risks and negative price gaps between one day’s close and the next day’s price at the open.

Crude Oil CFD’s

We may take positions with CFD’s on crude oil and a very small number of additional products ONLY and not allow the range of other products to distort or influence our judgement. There are a small number of other products that are so similar in nature that they can fall under our umbrella. These include Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Lithium, Lumber and Palladium, as well as one or two currencies in the FX market.

A Few Words About Our Company


Since its founding in 1989, The Bretcrown Trust has been a SPV for properties, acquisitions, and other assets for the benefit of the Trust’s Beneficiaries. While it continues as formed, the Trustees of The Bretcrown Trust are also Administrators of Bretcrown Trading International Ltd (Bretcrown). Their Capital Share Contribution is on behalf of The Bretcrown Trust.

The Mission Objective for Bretcrown Trading International Ltd is to Trade at a level of success that will benefit all Shareholders, Stakeholders, Employees and Private Traders globally.

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During a span of over 40 years, Neil collaborated with more than 1,000 Clients in multiple global jurisdictions and helped them harvest $55 Billion in permanent and sustained cash generation from receivables/payables infrastructures.

Neil’s first Book - ‘Secrets of Balance Sheet Optimization’ was Published in May 2014. Amazon ranked it #17 out of its top 100 in its Business Analysis classification.

Neil’s latest book on Crude Oil reveals his experiences and secrets for the innovation leading success.

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